G-Loomis PRO 4X 10812/13-4 LHP FR Fly Fishing Rod

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Product Description

G-Loomis PRO 4X 10812/13-4 LHP FR Fly Fishing Rod
In keeping with the them for a unique, new approach in rod design, the LHP 12/13 is the ultimate in power fly rods to help fly fishers handle big, bulky, air-resistant flies and the wire leaders needed to keep those big toothy critters from cutting you off. It will cast the largest poppers, strip leeches, streamers and heavily weighted flies. Take advantage of the new, aggressive short power taper fly lines of up to 550 grains and fish the heavy cover where the monsters live. As powerful as this rod is, it's still light enough to fish all day and give you a fighting chance for the fish of a lifetime!

A new breed of specialty "two-hand" power fly rods designed for big pike and muskie. These unique new fly rods are the standard 9', 4-piece style, but feature a special "long handle - switch grip", allowing you to cast using two hands or single-handed, much like salmon & steelhead switch rods - only these rods aren't 10-12-feet long. It's an unusual combination, but it will help you manage the more aggressive fly lines needed to cast heavy leaders with wire tippets. Not only does the longer handle provide more power for longer casts, but it also gives you a lot more leverage for fighting big fish. Anglers have discovered them to be exceptional for the likes of striped bass in both surf and tail-waters, plus numerous saltwater species like snook, cobia, dorado and tarpon. Bass fly rodders will appreciate this set up for big bass in heavy cover as will those traveling anglers in pursuit of peacock bass and many other exotic species.


  • Rod Length: 9'
  • Handle Pieces: 4
  • Line Weight: 12/13
  • Grains: 500-550
  • Power: Fast
  • Taper: Stiff

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