Turkey Calls

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Announcing a LIMITED EDITION remake of the famous 'Turkey in the Pines'. Lynch is about to celebrate 80 years in the call making business and has chosen the call Mike Lynch made famous back in the 1950's to honor   ...

Turkey Box Calls  

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Features: Snake tongue cut Blue Top Latex reed 2 blue prophylactic reeds Realistic sounds Great call for closing the distance   ...

Turkey Diaphragm Calls  

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The new Metal Mouth Crystal Features a concave aluminum sound board set in a ebony stained sycamore pot. The design of the metallic sound board makes for nasty yelps with effortless roll over. Paired with both a   ...

Turkey Friction Calls  

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Designed by 3 Time NWTF Grand National Owl Hooting Champion Kaleb Payton (2017, 2018, and 2019), the American Hooter was built with two things in mind..... Be compact enough to hunt with it, and make turkeys   ...

Turkey Locator Calls  

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Are you looking to add some variety to your vest? Consider pairing a one piece turned striker to your line up. These are a great way to easily add variety to any call. Hickory is a great option for slate surfaces   ...

Turkey Call Accessories