Turkey Calls

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1st Place 2016 NWTF Norseman's Call Making Competition. American Strutter Vintage Series Brazilian Yellowheart over Walnut is a beautiful combination of woods. The super dense yellowheart makes a sweet,   ...

Turkey Box Calls  

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This call is the on-stage choice of 2017 NWTF Grand National Calling Champion Jesse Martin. Designed and hand built by Jesse himself, this call can range from the prettiest kee-kees to the nastiest cuts. Jesse has   ...

Turkey Diaphragm Calls  

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New to 2016 is American Strutter's African Bubinga Aluminum over Glass. This is one of the best sounding turkey calls you will try! It has the high kee that you look for in an aluminum, but has one of the meanest   ...

Turkey Friction Calls  

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Designed by 3 Time NWTF Grand National Owl Hooting Champion Kaleb Payton (2017, 2018, and 2019), the American Hooter was built with two things in mind..... Be compact enough to hunt with it, and make turkeys   ...

Turkey Locator Calls  

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Primos® makes the finest friction calls on the market. Keep them sounding sweet with our wax-free Box Call Chalk. Features: Four pieces  Wax-free chalk  Plastic carrying   ...

Turkey Call Accessories