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Hand warmth on a frigid waterfowl hunt can mean the difference between a full bag or an embarrassing and painful walk back to the truck. With a soft fleece interior wrapped in PrimaLoft® Silver insulation and   ...

Sitka Accessories  

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The Pantanal Glove keeps your hands dry and functioning in the wettest weather imaginable, deploying a 100% waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® membrane that’s bonded all the way through with +Grip™   ...

Sitka Gloves  

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The Fanatic Beanie keeps your dome toasty in wild, chilling winds with a remarkably soft Berber fleece encased in GORE® WINDSTOPPER® laminate. The 4-way stretch ear band conforms to your cranium and yields   ...

Sitka Headwear  

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The newly redesigned Fanatic Jacket takes the quest for silence to the next level by cutting the audible engagement distance with a deer in half. An enhanced high-loft Berber fleece face silences the new and   ...

Sitka Jackets  

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The Launching Pad is a mobile closet for changing truck-side, keeping your equipment as uncontaminated by foreign odors as possible. Stow your compound bow in the main compartment, and organize gear in the stretch   ...

Sitka Packs and Bags  

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The versatile and durable Delta Zip Wader can be worn across the gamut of waterfowl hunts and features a completely waterproof YKK AQUASEAL® Zipper to allow a simple off-and-on. A   ...

Sitka Pants  

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The Grinder Hoody was born to pull double-duty for waterfowl season. Worn between a next-to-skin layer and a shell for core insulation or as a breathable, water and abrasion-resistant outer layer. Lofted fleece   ...

Sitka Shirts  

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The Dakota Vest is an ideal solution for windy days in the blind. Use it as an outwear piece in moderate temperatures or a layering piece on bone chilling days. A 100% windproof GORE® WINDSTOPPER®   ...

Sitka Vests  

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Your sanctuary from the biting cold of the rut, the Fanatic Jacket will keep you hunting all day long for that one fleeting opportunity. A Berber fleece face silences the GORE® WINDSTOPPER® barrier, while   ...

Sitka Womens  

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If they’re going to hang with you, your kids need the same wind-blocking protection. Just like your Stratus Jacket, we’ve sandwiched the GORE® WINDSTOPPER® membrane between a wet-printed   ...

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