Hunting Gear

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A sit anywhere style stadium seat design. The side mesh paneling allows you to carry extra gear when the seat is folded. The seat is made of an open- and closed-cell foam that is 2.25' thick with a waterproof   ...

Turkey Hunting Gear  

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The first pack of its kind designed specifically for tree stand hunting. The Hangtime™ Backpack solves frustrating failures once and for all – with a rigid, EVA-molded shell that holds it shape for   ...

Hunting Bags and Packs  

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STOP flaring the birds with shiny bright faces and movement in your old blind. Control the movement in your blind with our No-Shadow Dual Action Top, allowing you to finish birds in the decoys. STOP tripping   ...


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Take precision to the next level with Trophy Ridge Fix sights. Each pin is micro adjusted to consistently provide unparalleled accuracy at all ranges. Fix perfectly balances the precision with superior durability   ...


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How many times have you looked across a flooded field LOADED with ducks and geese, then said “If only there was somewhere to hide.” Those days are over. This one-man duck hunting blind’s   ...


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Based on the completely new design of the KING MALLARD™ and a completely different look for your spread, the all new patent pending MOJO® ELITE SERIES™ - GADWALL is the first of its kind and is   ...


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American Strutter 3 Reed Cutter Mouth Call is one that we all grew up calling on. One of the easiest calls to cutt or cackle on, this call also produces a great 2 note yelp and awesome kee kees! Features:   ...

Game Calls  

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The Impulse Cellular Trail Camera is the result of innovative and relentless engineering that delivers Cellular. Faster. Better. Impulse makes it faster than ever to get connected with easy setup to any smartphone   ...

Game Cameras  

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The original and still one of the best high-performance predator hunting lights ever produced. The original Coyote Light is fully adjustable from 0-100% intensity and features a high output solid-state LED rated   ...


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Locating your hunting spot at 5 AM can often prove to be a challenge. The last thing you want to do is disrupt your surroundings looking for your stand or blind. Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location markers make it easy   ...

Hunting Accessories  

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A durable aluminum frame forms the backbone of the Timber Dog Stand, a perfect companion for your dog when hunting flooded timber. Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame and a Tech Mesh platform that allows water   ...

Hunting Dog  

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Finally, a fully functional vest that delivers way more than just its color. Equipped with tons of storage including vertical chest pockets and a front load game bag come in handy for much needed supplies on those   ...

Hunter Safety  

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Bubba Blade is welcoming the newest member of their split ring pliers’ family, the 6.5-inch pliers. With these split ring fishing pliers, you can split open rings and remove or replace hooks in seconds.   ...


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The M100 is one of the classic and most popular trees stand designs ever made; the M100U combines those design features with an aluminum-frame construction, giving it a weight of only 12.5 pounds — 20   ...

Tree Stands  

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5mm neoprene provides the cushion and support that enables you to comfortably walk or stand with your gun over your shoulder all day long. Preassembled with metal clips compatible with shotguns that have swivel   ...


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VS-1 is 100% estrus urine and vaginal secretions collected from superior breeding does that have been synchronized/cycled into peak estrus in order to produce the highest possible concentration of pheromones and   ...

Scent Elimination  

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SHAKEDOWN uses cutting edge frequency vibration technology to easily dispense the following without clogging or moisture problems: See it in Action! View Video Most any commercially available bagged   ...

Food Plots and Feeding  

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After the harvest is when the real work begins! Be prepared with Dead Down Wind’s Aftermath Field Dressing Kit. This kit will provide you with all the essentials necessary to field dress your harvested game.   ...

Game Carts and Processing