Hunting Gear

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Don’t aim at the head! Half of your pattern will pass above the gobbler. The proper point of aim is at the middle of the neck to ensure that the entire pattern covers the best kill zone of a turkey. The   ...

Turkey Hunting Gear  

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Built with enough room for the well-practiced backcountry bivy hunter, the Bivy 30 is made for the savvy lightweight overnight missions. An easy to remove lid allows you to decrease your pack into a manageable day   ...

Hunting Bags and Packs  

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The Care Taker™ comfortably accommodates two hunters, but its small size makes it easy to transport and deploy in a variety of environments – such as heavily wooded areas. The Durashell™ Plus   ...


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Nothing is more irritating than stopping your practice or pursuit to search for a missing arrow. Losing a fully loaded arrow that’s affixed with a broadhead and lighted nock can easily set you back $60. On   ...


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The Turkey Chair MC (More Comfort!) is a wider version of our Turkey Chair, giving you 4 more inches for extra comfort. Just like the Turkey Chair, the MC model also sits low to the ground to keep you hidden and   ...


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As mallards are found all over the world, they are the foundation of duck hunting spreads. The Essential Series offers a quality mallard decoy at an attractive price. All of these decoys have features incorporated   ...


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The new Metal Mouth Crystal Features a concave aluminum sound board set in a ebony stained sycamore pot. The design of the metallic sound board makes for nasty yelps with effortless roll over. Paired with both a   ...

Game Calls  

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Captures still images and videos of whatever animals are making their way onto your property. Photos and videos are in high-definition quality. Illuminates with 21 high-intensity infrared LEDs to show maximum   ...

Game Cameras  

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The HEX is HybridLight's first ever Bluetooth Speaker that also functions as a Lantern, a Flashlight, FM Radio, and a Micro SD Card Reader ALL-IN-ONE. It has a USB port for charging mobile devices and also a Micro   ...


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Banded Gear's ongoing goal is to build accessories that are well made, perform in all conditions, and make for enjoyable days afield. They drew up ideas, tested samples, and put our gear through the rigors of the   ...

Hunting Accessories  

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The Avery Ruff Stand is light, strong, extremely durable, and one of the most versatile dog stands in the world. Whether you are hunting a pothole in the Dakotas, a green timber hole in Arkansas, or you need a   ...

Hunting Dog  

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Finally, a fully functional vest that delivers way more than just its color. Equipped with tons of storage including vertical chest pockets and a front load game bag come in handy for much needed supplies on those   ...

Hunter Safety  

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Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife Bubba™ has designed this Cordless Electric Fillet Knife ergonomically to fit perfectly in your hand, incorporating the iconic non-slip grip handle which allows you to   ...


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Lightweight & razor thin frame meets supreme comfort for the next-generation of climbing technology. The Sling-Style seat with thick padding, forms to the body for an unbeatable comfort HAWK® has become   ...

Tree Stands  

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Slings are a great accessory for any long gun. Banded Neoprene Slings have a wide construction and non-slip backing for extra comfort. Features: 15” shoulder pad for added comfort Neoprene   ...


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VS-1 is 100% estrus urine and vaginal secretions collected from superior breeding does that have been synchronized/cycled into peak estrus in order to produce the highest possible concentration of pheromones and   ...

Scent Elimination  

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Analog feeder kit with Analog clock time and varmint guard. Features: Made of highest quality material Includes Analog Clock Timer and Guard Adjustable Feed rate Varmint guard   ...

Food Plots and Feeding  

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After the harvest is when the real work begins! Be prepared with Dead Down Wind’s Aftermath Field Dressing Kit. This kit will provide you with all the essentials necessary to field dress your harvested game.   ...

Game Carts and Processing