Hunting Clothing

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Ice-busting boat rides with sleet stinging your face. Dodging cottonmouths on a sweat-drenched march through flooded hardwood bottoms. Staring holes through the treetops hoping they'll fly during a toad-strangling   ...

Hunting Jackets - Waterfowl  

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The Wind Brace system fuses a windproof barrier and our Carbon Alloy™ technology between two layers of fleece to provide cold weather comfort and maximum scent control at the same time. Features:   ...

Hunting Jackets - Big Game  

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Waders one day, and layout blinds the next. That's the nature of waterfowl hunting. Nothing beats a layer of fleece in waders and weather-resistant in a layout. In either case, the DeSoto Pants Stealth-shell   ...

Hunting Pants - Waterfowl  

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Light, warm, and tougher than gnarly scrub, the Mountain Pants specializes in moving fast in the mid and late seasons. For 2016, Sitka rebuilt it from the ground up with a more precise fit and a newly-developed   ...

Hunting Pants - Big Game  

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The functional design of the NWTF Impact Vest gives hunters a versatile, light-weight, sit-anywhere hunting vest — ready at the flip of a seat. The Impact Vest boasts numerous pocket for a variety of calls   ...

Turkey Hunting Clothing  

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This Insulated Coverall is ready for the deep freeze. It combines heavyweight insulation with a diamond-quilted lining to lock in your body heat. Neoprene cuffs, a protected zipper, and our water-repellent finish   ...


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Years of hunting experience coupled with first-to-market product innovation led us to raise the standard in breathable hunting waders. We forever changed the game with the launch of our line of RedZone™   ...

Hunting Bibs  

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Light and warm, an elusive vest combination. That's exactly what the Nano Ultralight vest is though, superlight and pleasant even with frost glassing fall leaves. Synthetic down is the key. It's very light and   ...

Hunting Vests  

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These lightweight shirts are made for mobility on the warmer days. A breathable ultra-light poly blend fabric body with double layer, waterproof 4-way stretch fabric where toughness, freedom of motion and   ...

Hunting Shirts  

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The 1/4 Zip Mid-Layer Pullover was developed to be integrated under heavier garments. It also works well as a stand-alone garment when conditions are milder. End of sleeve thumb holes make slipping a jacket over   ...

Hunting Pullovers and Hoodies  

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Offering warmth and dryness for active pursuits, the KÜHL AKKOMPLICE™ KREW men's long underwear crew top is an innovation in base layer technology with its technically superior KoreKontrol fabric.   ...

Hunting Base Layer  

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Features: 100-gram PrimaLoft™ silver insulation  SHEDS™ waterproof and breathable technology  Water-resistant front storage pocket  Comfortable coral fleece liner   ...

Hunting Gloves  

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Incredible protection against the elements, comfort, and style are hallmarks of the Banded headwear line. Through research and design, Banded utilized the best-performing resources and incorporated them into   ...

Hunting Hats  

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Lightweight and ultra-breathable, the CORE Neck Gaiter keeps the sun off your neck and pulls up for concealment when things heat up. This lightweight neck gaiter offers light insulation and additional   ...

Facemasks and Gaitors  

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The revamped Savanna system elevates the best lightweight scent control system on the market to new heights. Features: Carbon Alloy™ technology For maximum odor adsorption Moisture   ...

Womens Hunting Clothing  

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The ultimate waterfowler's jacket should be tough, waterproof, versatile, and warm. This perfectly describes the all-in-one Banded White River Wader Jacket, now available in youth sizes. A 100g PrimaLoftSilver   ...

Youth Hunting Clothing