Hunting Bags and Packs

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The key to beating the nose of big game is having an effective scent control routine before you ever leave your house. Features: Keeps outside odors from contaminating gear: Aides in total odor   ...

Hunting Backpacks and Daypacks  

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Banded Gear's ongoing goal is to build accessories that are well made, perform in all conditions, and make for enjoyable days afield. They drew up ideas, tested samples, and put our gear through the rigors of the   ...

Hunting Belts, Straps and Pouches  

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Features: 100& waterproof using Arc Welded Technology Watertight zippered main compartment Dual removable shoulder straps with quick buckle release Carrying handles 6 gear strips for easy   ...

Hunting Travel Bags  

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The Mesh Wader Bag is a step-in/step-out bag designed to simplify wader storage, make it easy to step into your clean shoes, and contain the mud and debris from the hunt. Mesh panels shorten drying time while   ...

Wader Bags  

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Sometimes the ducks and geese want to land at your blind, other times they are a mile away. When you have to go to them traveling light is your only option. Features: DuraMax exterior   ...

Hunting Blind Bags  

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Banded Gear's first decoy bag is still one of their best. Tightly woven vinyl-coated mesh makes this bag one of the toughest ever. Features: Super heavy vinyl-coated polyester mesh Durable   ...

Decoy Bags