Game Calls

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The Team Realtree™ Double Reed Mallard reins a whole lotta power into one duck call. It's also incredibly user-friendly – with an easy-blowing, hard polycarbonate body and soft, flexible exhaust bell   ...

Duck Calls  

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The Battle Bag™ Plus features durable polymer sticks inside a unique rubber bag design. The bag's extra-large ventilated holes create clear, captivating sounds unlike cloth or net style bags that muffle   ...

Deer Calls  

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Banded Gear's ongoing goal is to build accessories that are well made, perform in all conditions, and make for enjoyable days afield. They drew up ideas, tested samples, and put our gear through the rigors of the   ...

Call Accessories  

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The Coon Squaller has numerous uses afield for different game. Blow aggressively and in 5 to 10 second burst, t replicate two raccoons fighting in predator calling situations. While raccoon hunting blow short   ...

Predator Calls  

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The new Metal Mouth Crystal Features a concave aluminum sound board set in a ebony stained sycamore pot. The design of the metallic sound board makes for nasty yelps with effortless roll over. Paired with both a   ...

Turkey Calls  

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Most hunters will tell you having one deer call in your arsenal isn't enough – but it might be if that one call is the Extractor™. This freeze-proof, soft-boded call offers every type of deer   ...

Other Calls  

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Flute calls typically take a little time to master. Primos® Flex-End makes mastering the Canada Goose Flute easy. In the past, reproducing the basic honk of the Canada goose took manipulating your hands to   ...

Goose Calls