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Taking Revo® Premium performance to the next level with the fourth generation of the Revo® Premier Low Profiles. Our top of the line Revo® low profile is packed with leading features like the all new   ...

Fishing Reels  

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Halo-Sanded™ – for a stronger,lighter rod with great sensitivity. Carbon fiber scrim for added durability and weight reduction. Sensi-Touch™ blanks – made from the highest quality   ...

Fishing Rods  

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A very precise, lightweight trout rod designed to cast small dries and nymphs on large freestone creeks and small rivers where distance is a factor, but accuracy is the key. NRX makes it as light as the proverbial   ...

Fly Rods  

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Pflueger Automatic Fly Reel offers easy one-handed operation for use in boats where you need a free hand to paddle or pole. The Pflueger Automatic has a line trigger that winds in line with just a quick pull for a   ...

Fly Reels  

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Known as one of the best crankbait fishermen on the planet. The Fritts combo features an all-purpose 7-foot medium-heavy action rod matched with a Lew’s 5.4:1 gear ratio Speed Spool baitcast reel. Fritts has   ...

Rod/Reel Combos  

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One of the most popular monofilaments in North America due to its incredible strength, reliability and value. Extreme fighting power for big game fish -- saltwater or freshwater! Features: Super Strong   ...

Fishing Line  

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Keep your fishing supplies secure, safe, and dry with the Bass Mafia Bait Casket 3700. This tackle organizer features 13 slots so you can easily organize your hardbaits, plastics, and terminal tackle and have   ...

Tackle Boxes and Bags  

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Shakey heads are consistent fish catchers year around across the Country. There’s something about the action and presentation that even bass that aren’t actively feeding can’t resist. Simply rig   ...

Fish Hooks  

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The HYDROTEK™ Waterproof Breathable Rain Bibs with HydroPore1.5™ is made to perform without breaking the bank. Designed with functionality in mind the HydroTEK™ Bib has everything you’re   ...

Fishing Accessories  

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The Magnum Finesse worm is about twice as thick as the standard Zoom Finesse worm, but only about a quarter inch longer, so it pushes lots of water in a compact package, making it a favorite when the bite is tough   ...


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As a Millennium Marine exclusive, the patented comfortMax Seat is designed for years of solid use. It will drain water even in a downpour, and dry quickly – so say goodbye to wet seats. Unlike other seats   ...

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