Drake Waterfowl

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Whether it's back and forth to camp every weekend or across the country for the hunt of a lifetime, our Duffle Bag is built for the job. The square design makes it easy to pack with no wasted space. Our Duffle Bag   ...

Drake Waterfowl Gear  

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The Non-Typical Mesh-Back Cap is made with 100% cotton twill front panels and light, breathable mesh on the back. The front panels are lightly structured and the back adjusts with Velcro. Features the Drake   ...

Drake Waterfowl Hats  

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The Windproof Layering Vest stops biting winds to keep you comfortable. Best of all, the windproof barrier doesn't add bulk and the jacket has a high warmth-to-weight ratio. Features a vertical zippered chest   ...

Drake Waterfowl Jackets  

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Clothes don't make a duck hunter, but they sure can make a day of wading in freezing water much more comfortable. Built with 100% waterproof/windproof/breathable outer material to deter water penetration and   ...

Drake Waterfowl Pants  

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Perfect for a day outdoors or a casual day in the office, this Wingshooter's Shirt is breathable, cool, and quick-drying. Classic seven button design also has front and back ventilation to keep you cool and manage   ...

Drake Waterfowl Shirts  

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Overhauled with performance and function in mind to revolutionize the wader industry, the Guardian Elite™ 6-Layer 4-in-1 Chest Wader with Tear-Away Liner is the ultimate all-season wader built to handle any   ...

Drake Waterfowl Waders