Drake Waterfowl

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The Walk-In Backpack 2.0 is the ultimate backpack for waterfowl hunters that must walk in to their hunting area and pack in all their gear. Large storage compartments and plenty of customized pockets hold   ...

Drake Waterfowl Gear  

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Avoid heat loss that robs your body of warmth with the Windproof Fleece Beanie. This beanie is cut to be worn over the ears for maximum protection and heat retention. Features: 100% polyester   ...

Drake Waterfowl Hats  

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The Guardian Elite™ Flooded Timber Jacket - Shell is specifically designed for the hunter who spends his days with his back against a tree. Cut 2' lower than the other jackets in anticipation of wading, we   ...

Drake Waterfowl Jackets  

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Made from lightweight, 100% polyester, the versatile Tech Pant allows breathability no matter the temperature or activity. Use it as an outer layer when you’re building a blind in the middle of the summer,   ...

Drake Waterfowl Pants  

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The Camo Flyweight Wingshooter's Shirt is our lightest and most breathable Early Season hunting shirt, great for dove season and early goose or teal season. An ultra-lightweight 100% polyester construction is   ...

Drake Waterfowl Shirts  

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The LST Insulated Bib 2.0 is loaded with features designed from years of waterfowl hunting experience - features not found anywhere else on the market. Fleece-lined hand warmer pockets positioned on the back side   ...

Drake Waterfowl Waders