Drake Waterfowl

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The LST Refuge HS™ GORE-TEX® Gloves deliver maximum warmth while still providing comfort and functionality for hunting. The outer shell is made from Refuge HS™ material for strength and durability,   ...

Drake Waterfowl Gear  

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Avoid heat loss that robs your body of warmth with the Windproof Fleece Beanie. This beanie is cut to be worn over the ears for maximum protection and heat retention. Features: 100% polyester   ...

Drake Waterfowl Hats  

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The Guardian Elite™ Flooded Timber Jacket - Shell is specifically designed for the hunter who spends his days with his back against a tree. Cut 2' lower than the other jackets in anticipation of wading, we   ...

Drake Waterfowl Jackets  

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The LST Base Layer Pant is a heavyweight 10-ounce four-way stretch fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable. Maximum breathability and insulation make this the ultimate late   ...

Drake Waterfowl Pants  

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The Grinder Half-Zip was born to pull double-duty for waterfowl season. Worn between a next-to-skin layer and a shell for core insulation or as a breathable, water and abrasion-resistant outer layer. Lofted fleece   ...

Drake Waterfowl Shirts  

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Overhauled with performance and function in mind to revolutionize the wader industry, the Guardian Elite™ Breathable Chest Wader with Tear-Away Liner is built for quick flexibility when adapting to various   ...

Drake Waterfowl Waders